Dump “The Dump!”

After several weeks of seeing the commercials, Paintboy finally decided to give “The Dump” a chance. Promoting itself as a furniture discount store with low over head through humble digs and minimal staff, I was excited at the prospect of high quality goods along the lines of maybe a Robb & Stucky or Razmataz, but with serious discounts. Walking through the doors of this 5 acre facility was like walking into ‘Furniture Heaven’, I think I even heard angels singing! My first instinct was to run through the entire store like a kid at Disney touching all the couches, tables, and hugging the abundance of area rugs. Instead, I did what every cheapskate, I mean cost conscious, person would do, grabbed the first price tag I could find to see what all the hubba-balloo was all about. As I slowly opened my eyes in anticipation of amazing savings and deep discounts what did I find? Well, not furniture heaven, but over priced hell. OK, maybe just that one item, so I grabbed as many price tags as I could find hoping my first impression was in error, but no! My original energy that I had been saving up to shop this 5 acre adult playland quickly turned into a “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” moment. I felt like I had the strength of a kid being dragged by his mother through her favorite department store. By this time I had made it (just barely) over to the area rugs. Reaching out to a price tag (that I was going to use to pull myself up ) my eye caught the price, it was actually reasonable. I could feel the energy returning to my slumped over body. I was pleasantly surprised! The area rugs were actually priced right. Regaining full strength I made my way to the exit thinking to myself  “That’s an hour I’ll never get back”.

So Paintboy gives “The Dump” 1 splash out of 5 for huge (over priced) selection and good pricing for area rugs.



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One Response to “Dump “The Dump!””

  1. iamamuse Says:

    I totally agree! The pieces were not even as nice as furniture from Razmataz but had even higher prices. I checked out the outdoor furniture but the only affordable item was an umbrella for $33! And what was with ALL those salespeople, yikes!

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